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Face & Body

Face & Body

T & M Treatments

Using both comfortable heat and mechanical action that allows penetration into the upper layer of skin, the T&M device prepares the skin to produce more collagen. It prepares the skin to better accept topical products such as growth factors, texture repairs, acne improvement topicals, or calming, soothing skin topicals. The mechanical action can even be done in the delicate eye area, including the eyelids.

The thermal and mechanical (T&M) treatment at Sentinel Plastic Surgery addresses several issues of concern for our patients. Patients in Europe– where this device found tremendous success– found they saw great improvement after three or more treatments. At Sentinel Plastic Surgery, we have offered a discount for patients who purchase a package of three treatments.

  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightens baggy skin under the eyes
  • Improves red, flushed skin such as rosacea
  • Helps clear active acne
  • Smoothes skin scarred by acne or surgery

The T&M treatment cost includes the application of topical anesthetic for total comfort during the procedure and a topical product that is applied after the procedure. The patient may experience redness for a few days after a procedure, but there is little to no downtime for social activities afterward.

We recommend maintaining the positive effects of any of our aesthetic procedures by regular application of our ZO Skin Health products.