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William H. Frazier is a board-certified plastic surgeon.  Plastic Surgeons can test for skin cancers such as melanoma and can also remove and effectively repair the damaged area.

Peggy Sue Licavoli is a board certified, geriatric nurse practitioner.  Utilizing her extensive skills, she diagnoses skin conditions, performs minor skin cancer procedures, and is a certified senior laser specialist.

Blepharoplasty is the treatment to remove excess eyelid skin that often folds down touching the lashes.  Excess skin can impede sight as a person tries to look upwards.

Dr. William Frazier would be happy to consult with women about breast implant removal, especially older implants that have become hardened or any fear of leaking or disease.

At Sentinel Plastic Surgery we accept most insurances and are happy to file on your behalf.  We also attempt to get pre-authorizations if you have Medicare Advantage plans.

At most visits, companies generally require “co-pay” amounts agreed upon for your plan year.  Additionally, most patients have deductibles that must first be completed before they will pay.

We charge a fee for a cosmetic consultation or treatment because insurance companies do not pay for a “beauty” visit.  Think BOTOX, fillers, lasers, spa treatments, ear repair, etc.

Sentinel Plastic Medspa! Christine Brown, licensed esthetician, gives European facials or Glo2Facials, a device bringing oxygen to skin’s surface and driving custom serums deep into dermal layers.

Sentinel Plastic Medspa esthetician Christine Brown is certified as a laser specialist and performs thermal mechanical treatments with our Tixel machine to tighten skin or reduce acne or scarring.

Intense Pulsed Light is a treatment using pulses of light that target and remove pigmented areas on faces, hands, scalps, or other areas of unsightly “age spots.”

At Sentinel Plastic Surgery in Blairsville, we begin IPL treatment with application of topical anesthetic cream to make the treatment most comfortable for the patient.

No. Medical studies show radiation from a tanning bed increases skin cancers including life-threatening melanoma.  It’s also associated with accelerated skin aging, eye melanomas, and burns.

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