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Facial Surgery Procedures

Dr. Frazier can provide many options when it comes to facial surgery. Below are some of the procedures we perform.

Eyelid Surgery

Drooping eyelids can impair sight and the visual field.  This condition both ages the face and makes it more difficult to look upward, such as gazing up at stoplights.   In a simple surgery in the office, Dr. Frazier can reconstruct droopy eyelids.  At the same time, bags under the eyes can be addressed.

Sometimes health insurance will pay for eye surgeries.  Come in for a consultation today so we can discuss giving you a  better visual field.

Earlobe Repair

Whether it’s an incomplete earring pull-out injury or a complete split of the earlobe, we can repair it easily in less than an hour and insert a new earring hole.

Got a big hole from a gauge?  That can be fixed too.

Pinning Ears

Are the kids being heckled at school for having elephant ears?  Prominent ears can be reconstructed in a pin back otoplasty so the ears do not project as much and still look normal.


Got a big red nose that seems to just keep growing?  You may have rhinophyma, a condition of overgrowth and thickening of nasal skin making the nose look large and possibly red.  It may also contain pustules, looking like adult acne.  Certain medications can help control it;  surgical planning can reduce the prominence, helping restore a more normal appearance.

Sentinel Plastic Surgery is located behind Union General Hospital at 123 Weaver Road, Suite B, Blairsville, GA.  William H. Frazier,MD is double board certified from the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.   Call 706-439-6486.  Office@DrWmFrazier.com