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Hand Surgery Procedures

If your hand is impaired in any way, Dr. William Frazier can perform reconstructive plastic surgery to improve your condition. We treat conditions in the wrist, palms, and fingers that cause pain and impair your strength, function and flexibility.

Whether your hands or wrists were injured by trauma or repetitive use of motion, we can often correct them in our office at Sentinel Plastic Surgery under local anesthetic in less than one hour.

Examples of hand conditions we treat:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A condition caused by pressure to the median nerve within the wrist that follows a narrow tunnel in the bone called the carpal tunnel. You might feel pain, a tingling sensation, numbness of the fingers, weakness or aching. Carpal tunnel syndrome is associated with multiple conditions including: repetitive motion or overuse, fluid retention during pregnancy, injury to the nerve in the carpal tunnel or rheumatoid arthritis.

Trigger Finger

A frequently painful condition that causes a finger to be stuck in a flexed or bent position.  A finger is bent as if it wants to always make a fist.  Straightening the finger often causes a popping feeling and some pain.  It is often seen in people who use their fingers in heavy work or repetitive motion like sewing or painting with a brush.

Dupuytren’s Contracture

A disabling hand disorder in which thick, scar-like tissue bands form within the palm and may extend into the fingers. It can cause restricted movement, bending the fingers into an abnormal position.  People of Northern European ancestry (Scottish, English, Scandanavian, Irish, Dutch or French) are most often seen with this condition although it can present in any race or ethnic heritage.   Certain occupational factors may also increase the likelihood of development of this hand disorder.

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