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IPL Red Veins Permanent Hair Removal


Flat dark spots under the skin are often called age spots or liver spots and are quickly banished with IPL treatment.  IPL stands for “intense pulsed light.”  At Sentinel Plastic Surgery, we focus high intensity wavelengths in a specific treatment that will penetrate the skin and target those dark spots in the dermal layer.  Those cells quickly come to the surface and naturally slough off within a matter of days.

At Sentinel Plastic Surgery, we use topical anesthetic to numb the skin for the most comfortable treatment.  There is little to no downtime after an IPL treatment although the area may appear like it has been “sprinkled with pepper” for a few days after those dermal cells have started to come to the surface.

Patients often request IPL treatment for facial area, bald head, hands, chest, or neck.

Small Vein Removal

Small red or blue veins typically appear on the facial cheeks, on the chin, around the nose, or on legs or thighs.  We often hear women say they no longer wear shorts or swimwear because of unsightly veins; men sometimes lament having those veins running through the nose.  At Sentinel Plastic Surgery we can focus a beam of energy to immediately destroy a certain type of small veins in an area.  Patients should consult with our providers about whether their veins are suitable for removal with this type of treatment.

They disappear immediately!  Treatments are performed in 15 minute or 30 minute sessions.

Permanent Hair Removal

The old days of painful electrolysis changed forever when engineers invented lasers that could emit energy to eradicate hair follicles during their growth stage.  Our device can focus energy on the upper lip, cheek, chin, back, or bikini area with comfortable treatments thatwillfirst thin and then eradicate pigmented hair.  We can banish shaving or waxing forever.   A few treatments–spaced several weeks apart– are needed in order to catch hairs during the anagen (growth) period until patients see that all follicles have stopped producing hairs.